All The Good Things About Jumping Castles

During kids' parties and celebration, it usually means so much whenever there is a jumping castle. They made to entertain children. But little do many people know that there are places, like the UK, where there are inflatable castles that are made for adults. But they are not as popular in few places such as the US.

Inflatable castles have so many nicknames. In New England, they are know as the "Bounce House", which fit perfectly to the hipster culture of the area. The Latinos, on the other hand, prefer to call them in their own language as the "Brinca brinca" or simply "Jump jump" in English.

"Moon Bounce" is a fitting nickname for the type of inflatable that is enclosed. Of course there are so many other nicknames that these jumping castles come by and few of these are the "Spacewalk", "Astrojump", and "Moonwalk". Some places such as Southern California call them by another different name, the Closed Inflatable Trampoline or CIT. In places such as New Zealand, the UK , and Ireland, where they are used for recreation, they are called "Inflatable Castles" or "Bouncy Castles." The term "Jumping Castles" is widely used in Arizona, Canada, Australia, and South Africa. Even if you need mechanical bull hire, we can help.

Despite the fact that most of its users today are children, it was actually designed for something much more mature. The very first thing we know about these is that it originated as a project of a mechanical engineer who, in Shreveport, Louisiana back in 1959, thought of ways on how he could cover the tennis courts using an inflatable material.

This lead to the creation of useful objects such as the inflatable signs, domes, and tents that so many people benefit from. One of the greatest achievement he has made was the invention of safety cushion that a lot of rescuers now are using to respond to the call of those who are trapped in tall structures due to fire, flood, and other calamities.

The first ever inflatable mattress was the "Space Pillow". Modifications were made in order to improve its functions and structure and one in particular was done in 1967 where a pressurized inflatable top was added to it. Then the modification paved way to "Space Walk". Due to issues regarding ventilation in the design of "Space Walk", another version was created and it was called the "Jupiter Jump". Read about it at

In 1968, the first company to rent out inflatable structures was founded and this time it will focus its attention on the little audience, the children. The company aimed to be hired to be in the events for kids.

This tells us one simple yet incredibly useful insight: children can be a great marketing niche for many kinds of businesses. See how successful the industry today is? Want to try out jumping castle hire? There is no need to worry because there are lots of jumping castles for sale. For more info, you can visit websites and homepages that will tell you all you need to know. You can always buy jumping castle.